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Lifestyle Compass allows you to workout anywhere, anytime, no matter your goal.

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Workouts, Tailored to You

Through a series of health and fitness questions, taking into account your style of training and specific health and fitness goals, our system will prescribe you with a safe and effective programme that will evolve as you become fitter.

Our Extensive Exercise Library

With over 350 calisthenic and equipment based exercises, including detailed teaching points and individual demonstration videos, our exercise library allows you to train with confidence.

What Makes Us Different

Just For You

Tailored exercise programmes; generated based on your personal progression

By Personal Trainers

Our plans follow proven, core personal training principles

Home or Gym

Train at home or at the gym, using your body weight or available equipment

Always Available

Your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere at anytime

It Isn’t Just About The Exercise

Using your nutrition diary, you can track your daily food and drink consumption, which will help you to live a healthy lifestyle by following our daily prescribed calorie target.

Our Food Database

For reliability, we use foods integrated from McCance and Widdowson's UK's nutrient database. We also have an ever expanding list of branded foods, which ensures your nutrition diary is accurate.


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