Frequently Asked Questions

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Our service costs £9.99 per month. This price includes full access to the workout generator. The exercise and stretch library are accessible for free.
There are no hidden charges or fees.
There is no minimum contract. We will save your profile for up to three months after you cancel, meaning that you can come back at any time within this period and carry on from where you left off. After three months, you will need to create a new profile.
  • Custom exercise programmes generated based on your personal progression. As you reach your training targets, the plans update and offer either more advanced or alternative exercises that match your new fitness level.
  • 24-hour access to your programmes on your smart device or desktop.
  • There is no need to book with a personal trainer, as personal trainers have provided core personal training principles that have been implemented in to our algorithms by software engineers.
  • Train when you want, either at home or at the gym.
  • There are no hidden costs and no contract
Lifestyle Compass is accessible 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to train at any time. We offer great value, and compare favorably to a traditional personal trainer who may charge on average £30-£35 per session in the UK.
Your exercise programmes can be accessed on any smart device.
As you complete each workout, our system will update your progress and prescribe either alternative exercises, or exercises that are more advanced to match your new fitness level.
Our system will modify your training programme by selecting alternative exercises from our extensive exercise library.
You can amend your workouts by selecting alternative exercises from our extensive exercise library at any time.
We prescribe a calorie target for each day based on whether it is a training day or not. Your calories are also subdivided in to macronutrients. This means that as you enter your food and drinks in to the nutrition diary, you can track your progress throughout the day and be told if you are exceeding your requirements.
We recommend seeking your GP’s consent, and only with it should you use our prescribed exercise programmes.
Your safety is our number one priority. Only once you have completed a medical declaration, and if required been given your GP’s consent for you to train would we recommend using our custom exercise programmes.
We recommend that you seek advice from a GP, and only after consent is given should you follow our recommendations.
Yes. Our extensive nutrition library uses the McCance and Widdowson UK Nutrient Dataset and all confirmed foods are individually assessed by Lifestyle Compass. Confirmed foods are shown by their green tick.